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Managing the wellbeing of our aging population often dominates the industry’s spotlight Often, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that younger
Aug 8 2019
Things like better wireless networks, virtual reality, and even the advent of AI allows us to connect like never before It’s exciting times for the
Aug 1 2019
How often have you sifted through Facebook or YouTube videos of outright failure You might even have had a laugh It’s like it’s just easier to
May 28 2019

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How To Create The IDEAL Practice And Lifestyle (Part 1)

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How To Create The IDEAL Practice And Lifestyle (Part 2)

In this video Bob puts it all together and how you can easily create a 1.4M dollar business working 30 hours per week or less.

FOCUS on your Patients NOT The Competition.

The reason why most fail at doing any type of marketing is becuase they are too busy being worried about what the competition is doing.

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My name is Bob Mangat and I’ve been where you are. I’ve built and ran a few 7 figure businesses and have been stressed out, overworked, and hanging on by a thread. Despite that, I still love what I do and like you, it was never about the money – it was the passion that drove me towards helping others. However, even if your financials look great, there’s something to be said about the amount of hours you work each week… and the emotional toll it’s taking on your family and loved ones.

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