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Geo-targeting is the ability to deliver different content to specific people based on their geographic location You can do this through paid or
Jun 9 2017
Have you had someone suggest writing a blog for your healthcare practice Well, that someone is on to something Blogging is a helpful marketing tool
Jun 1 2017
The first impression of your practice no longer happens when patients walk through your doors It happens online Your office may denote that your
May 25 2017
It is no secret marketing strategies are evolving to include more social media Businesses are spending more of their budget in their digital
May 18 2017
Connecting with other doctors can be very beneficial for your practice  For example, connecting with specialists can help with patient referrals 
May 9 2017
In 2017, social media plays a very integral role in our personal lives  Seldom a day goes by that we are not on our smartphones documenting the
May 4 2017
If you’re not using Facebook as a major tool in your digital marketing arsenal, then you’re losing out With over one billion users, potential
May 2 2017
Email marketing is an effective way to connect with new patients while keeping the current ones fed with important information about your practice
Apr 27 2017
Savvy practice owners know the benefit of using social media to connect with their patients It's a way to engage with customers on their playing
Apr 25 2017

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