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When it comes to promoting your practice on social media, you’re definitely missing out if you’re not on Pinterest It’s the second largest
Apr 20 2017
Content marketing is big business Why Mainly because it’s a proven way to attract new customers to your practice without making them feel like
Apr 18 2017
  When it comes to embracing new technology, some doctors aren’t always as welcoming as others They’re either too comfortable with doing
Apr 13 2017
It's highly likely that a good amount of your patients utilize social media on a regular basis This means that they’re actively Tweeting, liking,
Apr 11 2017
As a medical practitioner, an integral part of your job is attracting patients to your practice This is something that can be a bit tricky if you do
Mar 13 2017
baby boomers medical marketing strategies
How many of you know this following image: a savvy millennial attempting to help their parents or grandparents navigate a computer or a mobile device
Feb 24 2017
doctors looking at services pricing and packaging
Medical Marketing Solutions: Pricing and Packaging with Purpose So you’ve created an offer that gets people to raise their hands and say “yeah!
Feb 8 2017
doctors and Facebook
Sitting ahead of Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram, is Facebook To-date, Facebook remains the undisputed leader
Feb 2 2017
computer graphic for SEO for doctors
“How do I boost my website and social media SEO rankings to gain more patient leads” Doctors, medical directors, and clinic owners ask this
Jan 25 2017

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