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doctors looking at services pricing and packaging
Medical Marketing Solutions: Pricing and Packaging with Purpose So you’ve created an offer that gets people to raise their hands and say “yeah!
Feb 8 2017
doctors and Facebook
Sitting ahead of Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram, is Facebook To-date, Facebook remains the undisputed leader
Feb 2 2017
computer graphic for SEO for doctors
“How do I boost my website and social media SEO rankings to gain more patient leads” Doctors, medical directors, and clinic owners ask this
Jan 25 2017
medical content marketing
You’ve heard it before, and you’ll continue to hear it time and time again: “content is king” Online marketers know this mantra well, but how
Jan 16 2017
Professionals Looking at a Mobile Device
Every small business or practice needs a set of tools to launch a successful marketing campaign But searching for marketing tools that suit your
Nov 17 2016
holiday marketing
The holidays present a wonderful opportunity to reach your audience in a creative, fun and effective way For those in the medical field, it might
Nov 2 2016
A practice is only as strong as the team behind it This means that every single employee plays an integral part in the practice’s overall
Oct 25 2016
For doctors and those in the medical field, Snapchat might not seem like the most ideal social media platform to invest in The most obvious reason
Oct 13 2016
How obtainable is the perfect and ideal lifestyle Well, as obtainable as you make it What you want in life is only held back by one thing: your
Oct 5 2016
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