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Everyone is always on each other’s coattails trying to learn the newest social media trick or implement the best online marketing tool for their
Aug 8 2016
How to deal with bad reviews
Last week, we talked about the importance of having your current patients write Google reviews for your practice This is for the benefit of potential
Jul 25 2016
5 ways to get more google reviews
Google remains the number one search engine that users turn to when inquiring about a business It’s extraordinarily accessible in terms of looking
Jul 18 2016
There’s no question as to whether your practice should or shouldn’t be using social media The answer is a definite yes, regardless of whether you
Jul 11 2016
A few of us are slightly stronger willed against distractions and interruptions at work, but in truth, we all get a little side-tracked once in a
Jul 4 2016
Facebook Cover Photos in Infinity Sign
You’ve got your Facebook page set up, you have a great profile picture chosen, but you’re wanting to do something more with your cover photo You
Jun 27 2016
man with the perfect head shot
The internet has become such a powerful tool for businesses to grow their consumer base Never before have we had such vast opportunities to connect
Jun 22 2016
How to market to dads
Happy Father’s Day! Often times dads don’t get enough credit for the role they play in family matters – especially modern dads These modern
Jun 17 2016
Video content is taking the digital world by storm It’s a huge part of online marketing that every business should be taking part of And if
Jun 14 2016

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