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Mother’s Day is around the corner! Perhaps you’ll take your mom out for dinner this weekend, or maybe you’ll just pay her a visit with a
May 5 2016
  You’re browsing the web and you stumble onto a landing page that is put together and polished The graphics are nice, the logo is memorable,
May 2 2016
The market for healthcare is changing all the time More people in the United States have healthcare insurance now than in recent years thanks to the
Mar 29 2016
Do you have a Twitter handle for your practice If you don’t, you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool that you can use to grow your
Mar 7 2016
Bob Mangat | Bob Mangat Marketing consultant for medical practice
Every practitioner wants to grow their practice, whether growing refers to the number of patients or to their total revenue One way to accomplish the
Feb 11 2016
Using Facebook to generate leads for your practice is both smart and cost-effective As an advertising platform, Facebook is incredibly versatile and
Feb 7 2016
Facebook can be a powerful tool for any medical practitioner to use to attract new patient leads The chances are very high that the majority of your
Jan 7 2016
Do you have a Facebook page for your practice If you do, and you’re using it only to interact with current patients, you are missing out on a
Dec 3 2015
Every healthcare practitioner needs to find ways to keep existing patients happy and attract new patients Patients satisfaction cannot be left to
Jan 29 2015
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