“Working With Bob Was The Best Thing That Happened To My Practice.”

Dr. Carlos Mercado of Eterna M.D. discusses the success he's had with growing his clinic.

The Importance Of Overcoming Obstacles and Having A Strategy

Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine founder Dr. Sunny Kim discusses how Bob helped him convert leads into longterm patients.  

“Finding A Marketing Person Who Understands What I Do Was A Breakthrough.”

Eric North of Potomac Rejuvenation Center talks about Bob's understanding of his business and the marketing necessary to achieve growth.

Showing Patients The Value Of What You Do

"As a physician, the toughest thing is getting that simple message out. Making something simple requires expertise. And that’s what Bob does well." - Dr. Ramesh Kumar of LifeWell M.D. 

“We Have Saved So Many Lives, And Now We’ll Be Able To Help Many More.”

Dr. Patel discusses how Bob has increased EHC Buffalo's visibility, allowing more patients to find her and get the treatment they need.

How Your Mindset Impacts The Success Of Your Practice

Dr. Sunny Kim talks about shifting his mindset and overcoming challenges on his way to becoming one of the most sought after physicians in Cedar Rapids.

Achieve a 30% Increase In Business In Less Than Four Months

Dr. Thom Lobe of Regenevéda discusses how Bob's expertise in marketing and knowledge of the medical industry helped him grow his clinic.

How One Small Tweak Can Get You A 90% Conversion Rate

Learn how Bob used one simple tool to increase conversions to almost 90% and generate over 240 NEW opportunities for a clinic.

Shifting Your Mindset To Achieve Success And Grow Your Clinic

Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton speaks about how Bob's help has changed his mindset, life, and business trajectory.

The Importance of Building Value Within Your Clinic

Bob and Dr. Rai discuss the process of building value within your clinic and how it allows you to strategically position yourself within the industry.

Create Winning Facebook Ad Campaigns For Your Practice

Grow your clinic with a campaign that consistently generates $2.06 leads.

How To Successfully Turn Leads Into Clients

It takes more than just lead generation to be successful. The conversion of those leads to clients is what grows a business.

“We saved 120K per year in annual advertising expenses by going with Bob”

Dr. Joshua Partain of West Texas Neck and Back ( had conversations about the difference-maker for him when it came to choosing a media agency and consultant.  It's not always necessary to spend more money to make more. We were able to reduce and save him almost 120K per year in annual advertising expenses yet yielding the same amount.

Spinal Decompression Marketing

“409 Calls In One Day The Girls Said It Was A Slow Day…”

“80% Increase In Patient Conversion In Less Than 2 Months”

“Advanced Jedi Techniques for Lead Generation”

“I read one chapter of your book and it doubled my business within 3 months”

Dr. Zahoor Uddin

Straight-forward, insightful and simply a good read!

Bob Mangat tells you the value in understanding the ins and outs of your practice, he’ll show you how to target your ideal patients and make the most out of a loyal business relationship, and ultimately how to create the lifestyle you want without being bogged down by all the hustle and bustle.

This Book is a Game Changer

This book does everything it says and more. In a world dominated by Social Media, this book is the Bible to boost your business and increase sales. This is a must read book that will take your business to the next level.

“Bob Mangat Totally Changed My Life, Changed My Marketing, And Rocketed Our Numbers..Two-Month Waiting List For New Patients”

“His way of thinking in regards to marketing and advertising online is the exact opposite of how I was told”

“In 21 Days We Generated $25,650 Worth Of NEW Patients for Dr. Carlos Mercado.”

Founder of EternaMD in Orlando, FL,
Creator of The Columbian Butt Lift, The Erectus Shot and Perfecto Threads.

“A Full Time “Experienced” Digital Media Department For Less Than A Part Time Employee”

“We Had To Put A Stop To It. With Over 80 Leads In One Month We Just Can’t Keep Up!”

“We just landed on the CBJ Fastest Growing Companies for 2019 and Bob and His team had a huge part in getting us there.”

Dr. Sunny Kim, Cedar Rapids IA

“When you work with the best, you become the best”

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie and Jessica Simpson
Simpson Medical, Stuart, FL

“The ONLY team I rely on to get things done”

“I grew my business by over 200% within 18 months working with Bob and His Team”

Dr. Thom Lobe, Chicago IL

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