West Texas Neck and Back Founder Speaks with invigo Founder Bob Mangat

“We saved 120K per year in excess advertising that was not needed. This was all because of the invigomedia team.”

Bob Mangat (00:00):

All right, there we go. All right, Dr. Joshua Partain.

Dr. Joshua Partain (00:07):

Yes, sir.

Bob Mangat (00:08):

Welcome. Welcome to this a little quick background story about you guys and what you guys do and obviously how InvigoMEDIA has played a decent role in the what’s been going on in the recent months. But give me a little bit of a quick background where you from the clinic, what you do, that kind of thing.

Dr. Joshua Partain (00:31):

Well, number one, hopefully you guys can edit this out because I’m long winded. So no, just from a small town north of Lubbock, Texas, out in the panhandle. My wife and I started a chiropractic office about 15 years ago in a small town of about 5,000. Just, I would say a lot of sacrifice, a lot of pure grit, doing a lot of things the hard way, but just staying after it, even in that town of 5,000, we grew a practice that averaged $750,000 to $900,000 a year for 10 to 14 years. We hit the ceiling on that, to where we really didn’t want to be in a small town anymore. Number one, our boys were getting older and we really made a lateral move. Even though the practice was really a successful and did well, we wanted to make a lateral move to Lubbock, which is, I think around 300,000 people and about an hour away.

Dr. Joshua Partain (01:38):

So that was just a massive transition for us to get to Lubbock and I knew that when we went to Lubbock, I didn’t want to drive back and forth because it was a good hour and a half away. So I we had to scale down our chiropractic practice and we opened our office in Lubbock about four years ago and specifically, like a lot of towns, there’s roughly 50, 60 chiropractors in Lubbock. I didn’t want to really jump in and do the same model of practice that I always had been because you’re a hamster on the wheel, in my mind. It’s only as busy, it’s only successful as the time and effort that you’re putting into it. It’s not really a system that allows you to be home.

Dr. Joshua Partain (02:28):

I really felt like I had sacrificed 10 years, very thankful for what we had gotten, extremely blessed, not taking anything away from that. But at the same time, I really felt like my wife and kids didn’t know who I was. The transition was to really get specialized and do spinal decompression and really become the nonsurgical authority for bulging herniated disc in our area. So if you can imagine, Lubbock is a massive hub in our area and we draw from 200 miles away, for everything medical, we have three hospitals in town. So pretty much everybody within 150, 200 mile radius, if they’re going to go to the doctor, they’re going to Lubbock.

Dr. Joshua Partain (03:17):

So that really created … I felt like created a niche that didn’t exist, there wasn’t a blueprint for us to follow. We had to really create our own blueprint, so to speak, but just like a neurosurgeon that specializes in the area, we wanted to be the go-to for bulging herniated disc and we had to really create our image, our marketing as such and I can really credit a lot of that to my loss. I’m real bad about saying, throw everything against the wall and try to make everything stick and she was really big on saying, “No, we really just need to really create this high level image as far as nonsurgical decompression.” So we took everything chiropractic out and really just focused on anybody within a hundred, 200 mile radius that doesn’t want to have back surgery, doesn’t want to have neck surgery, that they shouldn’t be given a chance to come to our clinic and go through our treatment protocol and try to beat all of it by not ever ending up having surgery. Or on the other side, and it’s crazy now, four years later, 60%, 70% of the patients we see every day, have already had surgery and we’re seeing them after the fact.

Dr. Joshua Partain (04:34):

So in that niche, we’ve really been, I would say the leader, for every patient, at least knowing who we are, that’s dealing with neck and back issues along the lines of bulging herniated disc. So now fast forward the last three years, our focus of advertising was radio, TV. We had our own in-house group panel in Facebook and Google. We were probably were spending anywhere from $15,000 to probably $20,000 to $25,000 a month, as far as our advertising goes, which is unheard of, especially for any kind of chiropractor to spend that kind of money.

Dr. Joshua Partain (05:21):

I think that Lubbock is a big small town, but it’s the same time, not that you have to go big or go home, but was very blessed that things did work. Our office grew really quickly the last four years, especially the last two and a half years. We’ve probably averaged about $150,000 to $200,000 gross per month. So at the end of the day, everything, again really came back on me as far as am I staying ahead of it? Am I putting the work in as far as my ads goes? So there was always this high level work factor to do with the advertising. So that’s really what I was trying to get away from because I’m wanting to create more time for myself and my family. I was just transitioning from working really hard in the office to working really hard in the office and advertising and built another monster.

Dr. Joshua Partain (06:21):

Bringing in Bob in, probably the, … in Invigo, we had gone through four different digital marketing. I knew that we had really killed it as far as billboards on the side of the highway, as far as the radio goes, as far as the TV, we’d done extremely well with that. But we were just extremely lacking as far as digital marketing goes. It wasn’t from lack of effort, we tried four different digital media companies. They all promised to be turnkey. They all promise to create content, take our ideas and run with it, where they just put it in front of us and let us approve it. That never really happened. So we probably spent $30, $40 grand before Bob and Invigo came in just to test different companies and we’d give it typical two to three months and was burned out extremely quick with all of them.

Dr. Joshua Partain (07:24):

When we started with Invigo with Bob, I really told him, “I want your ideas. I want to be dynamic and be a sponge, but I don’t need you to make our office successful. I feel like we’ve already done that. I want you to show me how to make it run better and I want the advertising to be automated and it take a load off of me and I can give you my ideas and then you can come back with content and I want to get to a place where I just trust you and I don’t have to think about the deep analytics of social media and digital marketing and I just know that everything’s in good hands with you guys.”

Dr. Joshua Partain (08:14):

So I would say, especially after going through four different digital media companies, you can imagine, my motivation was high, but I would say my faith as far as how things were going to turn out was like, we’ll find out. Really and truly everything has been a lot better than I thought it would be. I think we’re February, March, April, may, June. So we’re in roughly fourth or fifth months now and it’s been awesome. I mean, we really have … and you got to throw in the reality that we were going through the … I don’t even know if you’d call it pandemic, but the most chaotic time that I’ve ever seen and probably the world has ever seen. Somehow when I look around, a lot of offices are struggling. We’ve been able to navigate through this thing for the most part, pretty unfazed. Even when I looked at last month’s numbers, we hit $220, $230 gross for the month. We have actually since March of this year, so March, April, May, we’re in the beginning of June, we stopped TV and we stopped five radio stations. Our total advertising budget is around $10,000 and that’s having 12 or 13 billboards and then we do Invigo.

Dr. Joshua Partain (09:52):

So, even despite more or less cutting our budget in half, our gross has still been able to stay at a high level. Bob and I talked about it a lot and I’m talking like you’re not even here, but you’re actually asking questions, but we talk about a lot is, everything is about momentum. I’m always focusing on what’s going on today, what’s going on in the clinic this week, but really it’s, how are we moving forward? I don’t want to get stagnant, but at the same time, I don’t want our gross to cripple me as far as being able to be home and be free.

Dr. Joshua Partain (10:32):

I really am excited as far as the next six months, the next year, that I have a really good team under us as far as our clinic goes, we have two other doctors in our clinic. I see our gross just being limitless. At the same time, I have these key pieces that have always been a backpack full of bricks for me, of having to carry this stuff around, where I’m able to unload that with you guys, and y’all been able to take care of it. And the fact that our budget is half of what it was four or five, six months ago, and we’ve been able to still maintain a high level of gross as far as our clinic.

Dr. Joshua Partain (11:20):

If you take a $20,000 budget, that’s a quarter million dollars a year and you take a budget of $10,000, it’s half, it’s $120,000, and that’s … a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars. $120,000, $130,000 a year and you’re still able to get twice as much out of what you’re doing. So at the end of the day, it’s been a massive blessing for us.

Bob Mangat (11:45):

Yeah. I appreciate that. Like you said, I mean, that’s 120K savings. A lot of times when people come to me, it’s not a cost, it’s like I’m very responsible. We had a session right before this and it’s not about spending more money. It’s really optimizing a lot of the things that you already have that can get you that same result. A lot of times people don’t know that. They’ll throw a bunch of spaghetti on the wall hoping it sticks, like you talked about, and then they’re just going to throw more money at it. So as you make more money, the more money goes out the door. But I don’t know if you remember, when we first initially talked about … I talked about the profit gap.

Bob Mangat (12:33):

So as your profits are going up, right underneath it, most clinics will start to spend as much. So there’s this little bit of profit that is available, and I’ve seen this over and over again, happening as right now, during this pandemic period or whatever you want to call it, chaotic period, where that little bit of profit is not sustaining these clinics. So when I say, I say, “Listen, what you have to do, you have to consistently grow, but you have to optimize your clinic at every single level,” whether it be your front staff, whether it be the lead [inaudible 00:00:13:11], whether it be your ads and your Google ads and your Facebook ads, or the team that you’re working with and want to decrease that expense like you’ve done and now you’ve got a bigger pie at the end of the day. I always say, whatever matters, it doesn’t matter what the revenue is, it matters what’s in your bank account at the end of the day and also what fills you up at the end of the day, which is spending more time with your family, you know?

Dr. Joshua Partain (13:38):

Oh man.

Bob Mangat (13:40):

That’s the most important part for me, but I appreciate your time and I want to respect it. Just a couple of more things like the team, our team that you’ve been working with, how have they been from the start? Giuseppe and Christina and them?

Dr. Joshua Partain (14:04):

The word that comes to mind is extremely responsive. Everything is real time. There’s no gap in time. If we have an idea, like if we have a phone call and you say, “Hey, I’m going to get these guys to give you a call.” Typically, within 30 minutes after this call ends, I’m getting a message from them. So the followup is massive and I’ve really tried to take some of those things and model it myself in our practice. But, I can’t pronounce her name correctly, Magdalene-

Bob Mangat (14:38):

[crosstalk 00:14:39].

Dr. Joshua Partain (14:38):

… and yeah, Giuseppe. Man, those guys have been unbelievable. It’s one of these things, even if I haven’t talked to them in a week or two, they’re sending me stuff saying, “Hey, we created this blog, or we created this article or we want to load this to the website.” So it’s a massive sense of security because you got somebody on that side, that’s really pushing when you feel like, “Man, I’ve been getting lazy.” These guys are staying after it hard and heavy. A lot of times, it’s the other way around, everybody’s willing to take a paycheck on the front end, and then it’s hard to get a hold of them. Or, with the way you all have the base camp app where you can just see the project being mapped out and go back, the follow-up has being unbelievable and the ad content creation has been unbelievable. Giuseppe, man, I mean, I think I’ve missed three or four of our Friday followup calls. Every two weeks we’re having this team meeting follow-up call and you guys are making it, and I’ve dropped the ball but y’all are the ones that are really staying after it. So that’s been very unheard of, very uncharacteristic for a lot of industry standards.

Bob Mangat (16:05):

We always try to make sure that the communication is always there because we want you to think of us as part of your team, as if you would walk across the hallway and speak to whoever’s in your office. If we don’t have that constant communication things fall off, there’s perhaps nervousness, or other things that are going on. So, like we had our call earlier, before this one, and we talked a lot about the things, some of the issues that were going on and what we’re doing to respond to that perhaps, maybe that you don’t see, and we need to let you know these things, we need to let you know that these are the things that are happening and going on, on the side of it.

Bob Mangat (16:50):

Well, that’s fantastic, man. I mean, a lot of times, when people are looking to hire us or bring us on, they have gone through the gamut of marketing companies. They’ve gone through the guys that say, “I’ll grow your business and I’ll get you X amount of leads,” or get you this or that. Really when we came in, and what I love about you is, number one is you’ve you understand the power of brand and how that relates and building that credibility and authority and expert status. For us, we just want to amplify that. So, my last question is if somebody was really on the fence or thinking about it, or whatever, what would you give them word of advice, or something that you would say to them?

Dr. Joshua Partain (17:43):

Specifically, if I was playing grandfather, it would be continue to do the things that you’re doing at first that you’ve seen that have worked, don’t abandon your game plan, but you have to be dynamic and take a chance. Like I said, I went through four different digital media companies before I found Invigo. So I mean, that was a blessing of why I had to wait that long, but if you’re on the fence, don’t abandon what you’re doing, but definitely you got to go this route because y’all’s knowledge and what you guys have going on, I mean, it’s next level. I see it being dynamic of continue to grow over time. I really think that when you’re starting with you in Invigo, you’re really ahead of the competition.

Dr. Joshua Partain (18:39):

Sooner or later, I think they’re always going to be nipping at your heels, but by then you’re going to be growing and learning, innovating. But if you’re on the fence, you just got to take the … It’s a safe step for me because I’m on the other side of it now, but there’s no way I’d let anybody take this away from us, but if you’re on the fence, you just got to make that step and go forward.

Bob Mangat (19:04):

Yeah. I think you made a very good point there, is don’t abandon the game plan. We’re a part of it. Some guys will come to me and I’m hiring maybe a contractor to do certain things in my business and they’ll say, “I’m going to grow your business or I’m going to do this, or I’m going to do that.” I said, “Listen, I don’t need you to grow your business. I can do that myself. I just need you to come and play your part.” That’s exactly what we do, is we come in and we play our part and support where you feel that things are being dropped or need change. Like we said, we come in as that virtual marketing department and support you guys.

Dr. Joshua Partain (19:46):

Real quick, to hit that nail on the head, was we were already extremely busy. The guy that is looking around and saying, “Man, I want to grow. I want to get bigger.” It’s easy to take advantage of that, I would say, to a certain degree, but with us being in practice for 15 years and we had already gotten … We’d been successful and we had done well. I really, I wasn’t looking for you guys to come in and scale our business. I just wanted to make it tremendously better and like you said, way more efficient. So we’ve cutting our advertising and half, and three day work week now. I’m sitting in Dallas with my wife on our little getaway. So really, that stuff wasn’t happening four months ago.

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