5 Tips on How to Market to Moms

Mother’s Day is around the corner! Perhaps you’ll take your mom out for dinner this weekend, or maybe you’ll just pay her a visit with a present in hand; but one thing’s for sure, appealing to her interests can be a tricky game. However, whatever it is you decide on, you know your mom will appreciate it either way — because it’s coming from you! But marketers and businesses don’t have that luxury. We need to know how to appeal to a demographic like moms, because believe it or not, they are a vital component in the marketing industry.

Moms are superwomen. They form a unique community that exists to support one another and provide the best for their children and families — amongst many, many other things. They are self-sufficient working women, caretakers, idols and pillars of knowledge. So what are the best ways to grab these women’s attentions? Here are 5 tips on how to market to moms:

Don’t Stereotype Moms

Moms are the farthest thing from the cookie cutter variety. If it’s one thing they don’t like, it’s being stereotyped. “Soccer mom,” “working mom,” and “yoga mom” might all have stereotypical interests that you can target, but you should actually be looking at their principles and values. These are the aspects that are congruent amongst moms.

Of course the logistical points are important (age, location, income, etc…), but if you can pinpoint what it is these moms want to achieve for their children or themselves, then you have a winner.

In your marketing campaign, emphasize the importance of their bond with their children, or how that can be strengthened by your service. By appealing to their values, goals and achievements (the things that make moms!), you appeal to a broader variety of women.

How Can You Make Her Life Easier?

What does your business and services do for moms? Moms want to know that they’re not going to be wasting their time with your business. She wants to know that your chiropractic services will help her live a more rejuvenated lifestyle so that she can run around with her children more often.

They like to make investments rather than purchases because it benefits them in the long run. You’re not selling her the product or service, you’re selling her more time, relaxation and happiness. If you can make her life easier in any way, she’ll be sold.

Make it a Conversation

With all the former points in mind, you have to understand that your relationship with moms needs to be a conversation. You cannot expect to market any service to them (regardless of their goals and helping them achieve them) if you’re not fostering a reason for her to come back. You’re content needs to be relatable to her and it needs to speak to her worries or concerns. Afterwards, you need to follow up upon initial contact. This can be in the form of:

  • follow-up emails
  • responding to comments or inquiries on social media platforms
  • sending her complimentary products/gifts

Keeping in touch means that you’re more than a business, you’re someone who cares about her and parts of her life that go beyond the transaction.

Keep it Sweet and Simple

Not that mothers won’t understand complexity, but if you can cut down the nonsense and filter it straight to the point, then you’ll definitely grab a mom’s attention. You want your marketing message to be concise. Sloppy work won’t pass here. Moms need to make a lot of decisions, so having a convoluted marketing message is simply taking more time out of her day. After all, “brevity is the soul of wit.”

Moms also have a good eye when it comes to presentation (there’s a reason women are the majority of users on Pinterest). Having a neat and presentable campaign will indicate that you took the effort to make it presentable. In this sense, the response you receive is determined by the effort you put in. If it’s concise and clean, moms will be drawn toward it.

Establish Mobile Marketing

Having an online presence is great, but nowadays it’s simply not enough. Mothers have gone mobile, which means you need to too. You have to ensure that your emails, website and all the little bits of content in-between are formatted and adaptable for that little screen in her pocket. Having a marketing campaign that isn’t mobile-friendly is just another hassle that moms don’t want to deal with, and will gladly move on from. Plus, it makes it easier for her to quickly send a screenshot, forward an email or anything related to your marketing, to her friends and family. If you make it more accessible to her, she’ll most likely return the favour by being a part of your campaign.

At the end of the day, moms want to know that they’re being treated like a person and not a number. Putting in the extra effort to establish an emotional connection is what will resonate. Methods and technology will always be evolving and changing, but if you can nail down the conversation by emphasizing her values and goals, then you’re at a good starting point for marketing to moms.


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