6 Tips on How to Take the Perfect Headshot for Your Business

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The internet has become such a powerful tool for businesses to grow their consumer base. Never before have we had such vast opportunities to connect and network with those around and far beyond our local reach. When it comes to the online world, you will always hear about how you, as a business owner, have to establish your online authority. There are methods, strategies and tactics to properly build your status and make you the authority in your field, but we can’t forget about the basics in the whole scheme of your plan either. And a good place to start would be your smile.

Before you tackle all the sure fire methods to boost your authority, have you given your audience a chance to see your personable and shining smile online? You need to put a face to your credentials and give your audience a better understanding of who you are. They want to know that they’re turning to legitimate source – an actual person with a welcoming appearance. And if you’re in the medical field, this is going to be extremely important. After all, potential customers are looking for someone to help with a personal matter – their health.

Should I Hire a Professional Photographer?

The great thing about this is that it doesn’t take much effort to achieve the perfect headshot. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer and throw away money where it doesn’t need to be thrown. You can do it yourself, free of charge, and still look like a world-class authority figure.

If you haven’t read our post on How to Set Up a Video Studio in 5 Steps, then you should probably review that now. Having this equipment and set-up will reap you many other benefits in the long run. Once you have your video studio set up, then you’re ready to take the perfect headshot!

6 Tips on How to Take the Perfect Headshot

  1. Lighting is Everything

If your lighting isn’t good in your photo, then all the other techniques you use to capture that perfect shot will essentially be useless. Nothing beats natural light on an overcast day, but that’s not ideal for headshots. To recreate this expansive light coverage indoors, you’ll want one studio light (or softbox light) on both sides of the camera in front and slightly above you, and one focusing on the backdrop – avoid fluorescent lights! If you place them too close to the subject (or if your light is blaringly bright and focused), you’ll drone out your features, but if you place them too far back, you’ll see unwanted shadows. You’re lighting will depend on the kind of room you have, so play around with the different angles and distances until you find a spot that works for your focus area.

  1. Pick a Suitable Backdrop or Background

The worst background is a busy background. It’s okay to have a few objects behind you but you want to achieve a minimalist look. Get rid of the clutter and simplify your backdrop. As we mentioned in our previous post, it would be good to invest in a roll of background paper – a solid colour preferably.

  1. Dress to Impress

You’re a professional, so dress like one! As for your attire, all that matters in a headshot is the shirt or blouse you’re wearing. Typically, the cut off will be from the chest or shoulders upwards. Pick a top that will stand out from the background you use. If you’re using a black or grey background, don’t choose a darker coloured top. You don’t necessarily have to be afraid of color but think clean cut and professional. Generally, go with colors that are opposite to what is behind you.

  1. Focus on the Eyes

Key in on your eyes. Make sure that they appear sharp and crisp without any lazy-eye drooping. You probably don’t want to take your headshot the day after a long night of work. You may not think you look worn out, but you probably do, and it will show. Choose a day where you feel fresh and awake. Your eyes are very expressive, and your audience will latch on to that.

  1. Watch Your Angles

Now this part will feel awkward if you’re not accustomed to taking headshots. Unfortunately, a natural pose isn’t always the best pose. You want to look confident, approachable and comfortable – and ironically that might force you to pose uncomfortably. To do this, you’ll need to obtain the perfect jawline. Here’s how:

  • People naturally pull their chin back when they smile or laugh, so look square in the camera, move your head forward and down
  • Move one shoulder forward and slightly down – make sure you don’t lose sight of the other shoulder in the shot
  • Slightly tilt your head in the opposite direction of the shoulder in front
  • Smile! Let it reach your eyes and convey who you are when you’re naturally happy

You’ll immediately see a tighter jawline and avoid that dreaded double-chin.

  1. Take Multiple Shots

This will be the photo that people associate your name with. You’ll most likely use it on more than your website – on most of your social media channels and any avatar you need to fill in for other online applications, so give yourself variety to choose from. Three or five pictures might not make the cut when there are so many angles you can play with. With each shot, try to reposition your pose. Pull back on your head tilt, push your shoulder forward more, smile less or smile more – whatever it is you do, give the shots variety.

Once the posing is over, you should have a photo that demonstrates your authority. Potential customers will have a face to recognize and recall to, and you won’t just be another name on the web. Be proud of it and plaster it all over your social media accounts. You can even use these tips when taking other photos; perhaps you’ll need headshots for your team, or you would like to attach a photo of your customer to their testimonial. If you have photos of people and yourself, it legitimizes your business and boosts your authority.

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