5 Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Practice

5 ways to get more google reviews

Google remains the number one search engine that users turn to when inquiring about a business. It’s extraordinarily accessible in terms of looking up a phone number, address, business hours, what’s nearby and of course, reading Google reviews.

An overwhelming 88% of consumers said that online customer reviews determined whether a local business was a good business. That is a big group of prospects and leads for small and medium businesses — which is why Google reviews are so important.

When someone performs a “Google search,” let’s say on any type of practice (chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.), Google will pull together several local establishments with ratings, reviews and vital information. It will map all the locations of these establishments relative to the user, and allow them to compare each and every one. This is why you have to be ahead of the game and ensure that your patients are giving you feedback through Google reviews. Not only will you be constantly pitted against the competition, but by having more feedback from your patients, you can rank higher in a search.

Ultimately, if your practice doesn’t have a solid foundation of Google reviews, your business will get pushed to the wayside behind all the other similar practices that do have Google reviews. Not only that, but without these reviews, your business looks undeveloped and undervalued.

People are automatically drawn to reviews and testimonials because it gives them the assurance they need to make a decision. Reviews are unfiltered and uncensored, and they offer a potential patient honesty and truth. Every individual wants a good reason to consider or even choose your establishment, and without the voice of an existing customer, it’s easy to dismiss a business or practice. No individual wants to walk through your doors blind sighted, especially if it’s concerning their health.

So once you’ve verified your business on Google, how do we incline your current patients to write a Google review after they have visited your office? Here are a few steps you should follow…

Do They Have a Google Account?

Before we get to any of the other steps, always ensure that the patient has a Google account. You don’t want explain all the steps only to find out they don’t have a Google account. Only individuals with a Google account can write reviews for businesses verified on Google. If they don’t have an account, implore them to sign up and tell them about all the other benefits of having one (access to Google Drive, Gmail, Google+, etc.).

1 . Ask or Remind Your Patients to Write a Review 

Most of the time, your patients aren’t aware that you want reviews on Google. They just need to be told and reminded. Be diligent with asking each patient. The closer you can lead them onto the review page, the better! But sometimes they might need a little help…

2. Create A Google Review Guide 

Unsurprisingly, most people will avoid writing a review simply because they don’t know how to navigate their way onto the review page. Some of your patients aren’t going to be tech-savvy, so you need to make it as straight-forward as you possibly can.

Write up a simple instructions sheet or step-by-step guide for your patients so that they can work their way through it in a matter of minutes on their desktop. You can give these sheets as handouts, as an email or posted on your website. To build immediate incentive, you can also write a guide for smartphone apps.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.16.54 AM

A guide such as this one can be displayed on your front desk so that the patient can write a review right there on their phone! There’s a greater chance that the patient won’t write the review at all once he or she has left the office, so build incentive immediately.

3. Respond to Reviews

This is a strategic and inadvertent way to garner more reviews. If you have a few reviews already written by patients, take the time to respond to each one – good or bad. Thank them for coming into your office, for their kind words, that you look forward to seeing them soon, or use the opportunity to follow turn a negative experience into a positive one. By engaging with your audience and being an active agent, you give your patients a reason to come back, and a reason for new patients to leave a review.

4. Prompt Writing Reviews in Your Marketing Content

Other forms of marketing material also serve as great tools to reminding your patients about writing a Google review. It may be newsletters, brochures or emails. A simple statement such as “Don’t Forget to Review Us on Google!” stamped with Google’s icon is enough to remind patients about giving their two-cents. If the marketing content is online, take advantage of hyperlinks to directly bring them to your Google business page.

And don’t forget the use of buttons on your homepage! Buttons will give your patients a direct route to your Google page for review. The easier you make it for the patient, the more likely they’ll write a review.

5. Use Social Media to Engage

Using social media platforms to engage with your audience can also bring in reviews. Respond to your Facebook comments and tweets and start a conversation with those reaching out to you. When it’s appropriate, remind them to leave a Google review for your practice. You don’t need to host a contest, offer promotions or discounts to gain reviews (as this can also cross lines with Google’s Terms of Service); all you need to do is be genuinely interested in what your patients thought of your practice.  Tell your followers that Google reviews are a convenient and effective way to improve future patient experience. Tell them to be honest and truthful in their review. Show confidence about your establishment and don’t be afraid of unfavorable reviews.

Getting more Google reviews isn’t a difficult task, you simply have to have the right strategy. Everyone on your team should know that gaining Google reviews are important, and that they should at least be mentioning it to the patients. The team member that has the last point of contact with the patients should be the one to drive the point home. Give them ideas about what they should be reviewing, because sometimes they really don’t know – how did the staff treat them? Were they presented with a friendly atmosphere? How was the service?

With more Google reviews, your practice is given more credibility and greater value. Because of the abundance of good reviews, potential patients have a greater incentive to seek out you for their healthcare needs. So start building up the value of your practice today and begin a strategy for getting more Google reviews.

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