3 Major Ways Business Values Shape Marketing

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Where does a business begin? It starts with an idea or a vision. It stumbles upon you in a dream, chatting with colleagues or in an epiphany — realizing that your passion can be turned into profit. If given enough dedication, time and effort, than that idea or vision can cultivate into a successful business. But even before that idea comes to fruition, there is an internal gut feeling that tells you that this feels right. These feelings ultimately translate over to your business’ core principles and values.

Your core principles and values are what drive your business’ brand and marketing strategy. Consumers want to know if you can relate to them in some other way other than a business transaction. Nobody wants to feel like your just out for their money. They want to know that your human and are driven by something more.

How does this play into your marketing strategy and objective? Well, in many ways, but here are the top 3 areas to consider:

1. Utilizing Your Business Identity to Connect

Your core principles and values lie at the heart of your business. People want to know who you are and what you stand for. What is it that you are trying to achieve through your business, and will that being something that your consumer base wants support? Without an identity, you fall into a deep chasm with hundreds of other competitors. You need to be able to resonate with customers and stand out amongst the crowd. They might have interest in your products and services, but establishing a connection through your identity will give that extra incentive to say “yes!”

Are you a supporter of environmental initiatives, do you believe in diversity and inclusion, or simply, do you value quality relationships with your customers over the quantity of them.

This concept is especially key if your target demographic is a younger generation — such as Millennials. Millennials are keen on inspirational or motivational messaging and how a business’ identity can help identify them. But that doesn’t mean that personal identification is age specific; this rings true throughout all age demographics. They’ll choose you over others because your principles and values align with theirs. Keeping this in mind and applying it will ultimately increase your marketing power.

2. Your Business Team is Means of Marketing

Marketing your business isn’t simply about sending out tweets, creating blog posts or investing in advertisements. Marketing is integrated even within the fabric of your business team. From your receptionist to you, the way you communicate, reach out, or plan with customers all affect your leads and conversions in small to astronomical ways.

Regardless of whether you’re running a small or medium business, outlining your principles and values will create cohesion amongst your team and the decisions they make. From the start, it is the identity of your business that attracts potential employees. Those interested in working for you need to know if your values align with theirs. It helps both parties predict whether or not the relationship will be successful.

Each individual will find a place in a tier of the business, and have a responsibility to uphold your business’ principles and values. This comes down to the decisions they make. Some are made independently, whilst others require the whole team present. Having a foundation of values helps employees within your organization make their choices with the business’ goals in mind. Your marketing strategy can only benefit from this.

3. Using Your Values to Engage in Conversation

By setting up your principles, values and a core message, as well as ensuring that you have team cohesion, you then have the power to be apart of a greater conversation and attract a wider consumer base. If a part of your core message is educating and spreading awareness, then use content to do so. Look into content marketing to spark a conversation. Bring your knowledge to the table, do the research and create blogs posts to ignite ideas, propose questions, theorize and respond to your following.

You could also use your message to show support for other trending campaigns related to your field. Integrate yourself into other conversations. Turn to social media to add your two cents and repost meaningful and engaging articles. Facebook and twitter are both great platforms for engaging in conversation.

How does your message and business fit into other conversations? And how can you create compelling copy and content to get people talking? Sometimes a simple conversation is all you need to make a lasting impression. Building a responsive relationship with potential customers has the power to bring them straight to your doors.

Company values are more than what you and your company stand for and believe in. They create a community of like-minded people including your employees and consumers. It doesn’t even have to be the quirk that turns heads, as long as you outline what they are, implement them and uphold them. It will strengthen your marketing power and your business

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