5 Tips on How to Market to Dads

How to market to dads

Happy Father’s Day!

Often times dads don’t get enough credit for the role they play in family matters – especially modern dads. These modern dads, or millennial dads, are spending more time with their families and taking on more household responsibilities than ever before. This means that they’re increasing their purchasing responsibility compared to the generations that came before them. Women still dominate the consumer space within the family, but dads are taking greater initiative, meaning marketers should be to! So as a business owner and marketer, what do you need to know to appeal to this growing demographic? Here are 5 tips on how to market to dads…

Appeal to a Dad’s Sense of Identity

It’s not uncommon to hear men say that they’ve lost a part of their identity because of fatherhood. Spending more time with their children means spending less time on them self. But how do you reassure dads that they haven’t lost their identity? How do you make them rediscover their identity through your business? One way is by building a strong brand and demonstrating how your services promote their identity as a father and a man.

Hone in on your business’ values and mottos – your business’ brand. Do you value achieving health and happiness for the family? Or do you believe that creating a positive environment for others – like children – begins with creating a positive self-image, let’s say for someone like dad? This is a great space for the medical field to dominate. Emphasize that a healthy and happy self equates a healthier and happier family. If dad’s health is rejuvenated, then he’ll be able to re-discover his identity as a man and dad. Happy dad, happy life!

Utilize the Power of Image

Another way to build on their identity it to utilize the power of image. People are visual creatures – some would even say that men are more so than women. Use imagery to relate to dads. If you have a service or a product to promote, use an image that will demonstrate the feeling achieved by purchasing that product or service. Show dads what their future can look like if they choose you. How will you elevate their status? Utilize the power of image to market to dads. It can be an image, a gif or a video. The image will resonate better than text if it conveys the right achievement.

Connect to the Digital Dads through Mobile Devices

Modern dads are tech-savvy, that’s just a well-known fact. There are 52 million dads in the US; 82% of these dads have smart phones, 40% of them have tablets AND they are 4% more likely to share photos, shopping apps and access maps than moms. Dads are simply more connected to the online world. To have so many answers at their fingertips is convenience at its finest.

Optimizing your site for mobile devices, tapping into social media apps, and strategies like text message marketing are only a few ways to grab the attention of dads. If you’re able to connect to them wherever they are, you’re making their life that much easier and simpler.

Provide Informative Content

Let’s face it, dads still won’t ask for directions BUT they will turn to their mobile devices for answers. Okay, this may not apply to every dad but it does speak some truth in how dads seek out information – independently! Providing insightful and useful content gives dads more incentive to regularly visit your website and online space. You’re giving them the power to learn independently whilst obtaining their loyalty.

Give Dads a Quality Product or Service

Moms are more likely to buy products on sale and less likely to look for new and different products compared to dads. When it comes to making a buying decision, it looks like the price tag doesn’t affect dads as much as it does moms. What matters however, is the quality of the product or service.

Dads want to know that what they’re purchasing is worth what they’re paying. It doesn’t have to be dirt cheap, but it does have to live up to their standards. Emphasize the quality of your product or service if you want to appeal to dads. What is it about what you’re selling that makes it the cream of the crop? What does your weight loss program look like? Is it generic and cookie-cutter or is it individualized to each patient? Think about your products and services and how they look to your consumers.

Simply put, dads just want to know that their role in the family is being recognized and that they have purchasing power as well. They no longer want to be seen as an after-thought in the family space. They are both caretakers and providers, and making buying decisions is part of their role!

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