7 Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group

You have a well-established practice or business running and underway and you’re ready to step it up to the next level. You can go online and seek advice from successful individuals in your field or in others, but you won’t receive personal and tailored opinions. You miss the opportunity to interact and pick at the expert or guru’s brain; you miss their thought process and the true understanding of how to be successful.  So where can you find this valuable knowledge, experience and advice? Three words – a mastermind group.

A mastermind group is a gathering of select business individuals who all strive for a common goal – to improve and succeed in their business. This isn’t a networking convention, a trade-show or seminar, this is a chance to discuss your ideas and experiences with other people who have been (or are) on a similar business path as you.

Those in the mastermind group might not be in the same medical field as you (or even in the medical sphere at all) but you’ll get a chance to see what methods and strategies work in different industries, why they work, and then possibly devise a plan to see how you can make it work for your own. Regardless of whether a certain tactic benefits your business directly or not, the more you know about your industry or your own practice, the more successful you’ll be at taking advantage of good opportunities and making the right call to skip others.

So what are other the benefits of joining a mastermind group? We’ve got 7 listed for you right here:

  1. You’ll Challenge Yourself

The great thing about mastermind groups is that you get to surround yourself with successful people. Being around others who are striving for more will inadvertently make you feel the same. I always like to be the dumbest person in room – that way, I’m always learning from great minds. You’ll see that others who have been in your position, or were in your position a little while ago, are capable of so much more – and so are you.

  1. Receive and Give Valuable Feedback

This is your chance to pick apart your peers’ brains and gain valuable feedback. There’s no need to by shy or self-conscious about your ideas, because most likely, the people you’re seeking advice from have probably asked the same question before too. And if someone disagrees with your idea, then all the better! That means they’re ready to give you alternative routes to think about. Use your own knowledge as a means of exchanging goods – this is a place for positive criticism.

  1. Expand Your Creativity

When several minds come together, you have access to a pool of resources and tools. And if you find yourself crossing paths with someone who isn’t in your particular field, you might find that they can bring a whole new perspective to your business or marketing strategy. Your peers will talk about their methods or the different resources they’ve been using (there’s a good chance you haven’t even heard of some of these things), so take down notes and see what you can pull together for your own practice.

  1. Become a Better Decision Maker

Hearing others discuss their processes gives you a soundboard to make your own decisions. You’ll see why they agreed to one strategy but not another, and see how their decision affected their business. Maybe they’re telling you a story of failure so that you can learn from it, or maybe they’re just demonstrating their own process of trial and error. When you’re the one in charge, you know you have to call the big shots, so it’s good to hear other stories before you make your own big decisions.

  1. Gain a Support System

At the end of the day, the people in your mastermind group are there to support you and receive support from you. No one is there to bog you down or judge you. Regardless of type of business you have, they know the struggles you’re going through and the successes you may see.

  1. Increase Your Confidence

With the added support, and a new list of ideas and things to reconsider for your practice, you’ll have a refreshed sense of confidence. You had a foundation before you came into the mastermind, but now you’re building up a fortified structure. You’ll use the support you gained in the mastermind to leverage confidence in yourself and your business.

  1. Connect and Grow with Incredible People

Once the mastermind sessions are over (which probably won’t reconvene for at least another few months), don’t expect all the connections you made to simply evaporate. If you’ve found a few people to share ideas with, or share your resources with, then you can expect this connection to continue to grow. You have invested time into one another, and you can sure bet that you’ll cross paths outside of the mastermind and watch each other’s businesses grow.

Successful practices or businesses are a result of effective brainstorming sessions and good discussions. You need creative minds and forward people who aren’t afraid to tell you their opinions – critique or not. If you can hold back your ego for a few days, and humble yourself for a chance to learn from the best, then you can only reap benefits by joining a mastermind group.

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Bob Mangat is a 2 Time #1 Best Selling Author and 2-time Two-Comma Club Award Winner. He has worked with over 1500+ small business owners sharing with them the EXACT same strategies, techniques, and tools that he’s used in his businesses resulting in accelerated growth (doubling, tripling, or even 10x-ing their net profits).

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