Inbound Marketing: A Guide and Why Healthcare Professionals Should Care

inbound marketing guide

Inbound marketing has rapidly become the dominant method for gaining leads and generating revenue. This has stemmed from an ever changing world full of new technological devices, new social media platforms, new means of communication and thus, new methods of marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Well, it is the process in which businesses earn the interest and attention of consumers through social media initiatives and web content, such as blogs, podcasts and videos. It is a way of gaining a person’s trust and loyalty through continual conversation, positive connections and engagement. Instead of begging or pushing a product or service on someone, you are establishing yourself as the authority and allowing them to come to you. At the end of the day, inbound marketing costs you less and gets you a better return on investment. It would be a huge loss not to implement it in your practice.

Here is a infographic from Voltier Digital that highlights the benefits of inbound marketing, and why outbound marketing has lessened over the years.

Voltier Digital inbound and outbound marketing infographic

Infographic by Voltier Digital

Why You Should Care as a Healthcare Professional

As a healthcare practitioner, you need to know that inbound marketing is vital to your work. The fundamental aspect of inbound marketing aligns with the very description of a healthcare or medical professional. People who are in pain or feeling unwell are determined to look and seek a doctor who can help them. They want a doctor who has status, or is otherwise well-known and credible, is knowledgable, cares about his/her patients and is willing to establish a personable connection. These are all things that speak to inbound marketing.

If you’re on social media, it’ll be easy for patients to contact you or inquire, and for you to respond. Being on Twitter allows you to immediately answer quick questions about appointments or office hours, or engage yourself in relatable or trending topics in your field. Other times, patients would just like to give you a shout out for excellent service — having a Facebook business account allows patients to give you a star rating out of five and write a short review. Whatever it may be, having social media platforms to communicate makes you more accessible to them and vice versa.

By creating online content, you are also demonstrating to your audience that you have an abundance of experience and knowledge to freely share because you care. They want to hear your opinions and analyses on things that wouldn’t normally be discussed in a short meeting, or they want to know what you think of X, Y or Z product. They want to know your thoughts because you are the expert.

Being present, active and engaging in the online community can reap you benefits like never before. It might take a bit more time, effort and a bigger team to readjust to the ever-changing online community, but in the end it’s worth it to adopt inbound marketing techniques. Make it easier for those who are looking to seek you out. If you create a reputable and engaging online presence, they’ll find you.

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