How to Introduce Live Video to Your Practice’s Digital Strategy

The first impression of your practice no longer happens when patients walk through your doors. It happens online. Your office may denote that your practice is up on the times and a leader in your respective field, but does your social media account? Every year, more and more features are introduced to the market and digital strategies are forever evolving. You simply can’t explore every technology that pops up. Choose the opportunities that best align with your practice’s goals. Live video is one of those new features currently gaining in popularity on both Facebook and Instagram. Below are some ways your practice can introduce live video to your digital strategy.

Live stream events

Your health is something very personal and very real. It is comforting to know that your doctors are people too. Let your patients in on some of the less “day to day” happenings in your practice. Fundraisers and seminars can provide a glimpse of health care providers out from behind the desk, out of their white coats and into the outside world.

Tours of the facility

Show off your facility! Show patients that you provide a clean and welcoming environment before they even walk off through door. Did you just get a shiny new piece of technology? Start a live video to inform your patients. Show some excitement! Patients want to know that you are happy to be in the field you are in.

Meet the physicians

Host a doctor Q&A session or simply let the doctor introduce themselves to potential patients. Show that you are not only knowledgeable in your field, but friendly and welcoming.


Show your patients that you are not afraid to dig deeper and learn more in your field of expertise. New research is always being released. You never know what could prove to be the difference needed in a patient’s treatment. Patients want to know that you’re providing them with the most current and cutting-edge health care.

Live streaming is giving health care professions real results when it comes to social media marketing. After implementing some of these strategies into their digital marketing efforts, UNC Health Care reports the following statistics:

  • A 480% increase in daily interactions.
  • Average weekly reach increase of 2,576%.
  • A 75% increase of page Likes in the first six months.
  • Page Likes have currently increased by 140%.
  • The Affordable Care Act live chat has been replayed more than 2,000 times.


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