Medical Marketing Solutions: Pricing and Packaging with Purpose

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Medical Marketing Solutions: Pricing and Packaging with Purpose

So you’ve created an offer that gets people to raise their hands and say “yeah! I’d be interested in that.” You’ve broken the first wall down and figured out what your ideal patient needs a solution to, but now you need to get these prospects to buy your service or product. If you did a phenomenal job in presenting your offer, then your patient prospect will feel like they need to purchase your offer. However, cases like this can be rare, and in some instances, the next step – pricing and packaging – can be the difference between gaining a new patient and almost gaining a new patient.

Why are Pricing and Packaging Important?

In some ways, pricing and packaging are ways of communicating to your patients. Setting the right price and conveying the benefits of your services will tell your prospects whether they are or aren’t making a good investment (and in the medical industry especially, this is how you should be presenting your services, as investments). The people who are interested in your services need to know their money is going a long way and that it’s worth it. Pricing and packaging ultimately put value in the services – and this is what you’re selling.

Understanding Your Services and Products

It’s time to review your services and products – you need to have a good understanding of what “goes together.” Services like fitness training and nutritional support pair nicely together, or something along the lines of medical massages and physical therapy. You may have grouped together 1 service and a product, 2 services and a product, or 3 services and 2 products – whatever it may be, just be aware to not overcrowd a package and understand what is necessary, helpful, and won’t hurt your bottom line.

How to Create Appealing Pricing and Packaging Options

Offer different pricing and packaging options for different people. Don’t make the packages too similar or two different – it’s all about finding the right balance. A great place to start is by having three tiers or pricing options, such as “bronze,” “silver,” or “gold”. These tiers may not include all of your services, but it should revolve around your breadwinning treatment or product. Each option has to be justified in what it offers and where it’s priced. You want to be competing with yourself in these options, not giving the prospect the chance for you to compete with a competitor.

Typically, if you have 3 options to present, there are few who will choose the cheapest one – no one wants to be the bottom barrel! The most popular choice tends to be the “silver” option – or your mid-range option. A silver package usually includes everything in the bronze package plus a bit more for not that much more. The gold package also follows suit, including everything in the silver package, plus more for a higher cost.

There will always be people who want the best you have to offer, but a majority of people will be fine with a satisfactory solution. This is why you want to put good thought into how you package and price your services and products. Even if you only have one big option or package right now, find a way to split it into a few options. Make the first tier good, the second tier great, and the third tier amazing.

From here, it’s all about how you guide and your prospects with these options. Give honest and helpful advice. As a medical practitioner or doctor, it’s what people come to you for. Tell them that the first tier or bronze option won’t do much for them if that’s what you truly believe. Emphasize the value of the other options to them. If they want long term results or if they want more treatments, then demonstrate why the silver and gold options might be better choices. On the flip side, if your patient isn’t ready to make that bigger commitment, show them the benefits of this first or “starter” option. Tune into the needs of your patients and prospects and you’ll be sure to find a solution for almost anyone that walks into your office.

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