Why Your Practice Should Have a Blog

Have you had someone suggest writing a blog for your healthcare practice? Well, that someone is on to something. Blogging is a helpful marketing tool that allows you to further connect with your patients. Having a consistently updated blog not only gives your patients helpful information but also gives them more reasons to come back to your site and ultimately your practice. Below you’ll find a few of the ways blogging can be beneficial to your practice.

Builds Awareness

In order to have a waiting room full of patients, it is imperative that people know of your practice to begin with. The internet is now where most people are going to get their information. Having a blog is a good way of putting yourself on the digital map.

Increases Web Presence

Does your practice have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? If so, blogging helps maintain the usefulness of these platforms as well. It gives you more content to push out, which ultimately brings more attention to your pages. It is important to have an overall digital strategy, and blogging is certainly a part of that.

Helps Attract the Younger Generation

Millennials communicate online. It is their go-to place to find and share information. Having a blog is a great way to communicate with this generation. If you promote yourself where they already are consuming information, they’ll have a more likely chance of being introduced to you practice, and they may even share your information with others.

Personalizes Your Practice

Blogging allows you to differentiate your practice from others. Your blog is a place to showcase treatment options and your personal philosophies around your field. In addition to being informative, your blog can give current and future patients a feel for the tone of your practice. Blogging gives you an opportunity to share content that you personally feel is important to your field or practice.

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