10 Habits To Adopt for Success

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It’s easy to think that successful people are above us. They’re more talented, more intelligent or are given better opportunities. But the truth of the matter is, that’s all bullsh*t. The only thing that separates you from someone successful is your outlook and habits. This is why success starts with the mind. Yes, someone may be a bit sharper or quicker, but that could mean little to nothing if you can change your mindset. You don’t need an innovative new product or the whole village to encourage you to find success, all you need is the right outlook — dedication, honesty, humility and confidence.

Success begins with how you approach daily tasks and the curveballs of life. Many successful people have sworn by daily habits that have helped them increase productivity and keep slothful behavior at bay. The only shocking thing about these habits are how simple they are. So much so that you can start adopting them into your life today.

1. Start Early

What time we’re you planning on waking up tomorrow? 7 AM? Well, wake up at 6 AM instead. Having an earlier start to you day will make you feel more productive and become more proactive. If your body takes more time to adjust, take a week or so to build up that early alarm. Wake up 15 minutes earlier the first day, and consecutively add more time until you’re an hour or two hours ahead of the game. You’ll realize how much you can actually get done in the AM.

2. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is a meal that is easily forgotten or purposely ignored, but it shouldn’t be. Eating breakfast has plenty of benefits that successful people understand. For one, it will help you lose weight if you’re on a nutritional plan, because eating breakfast helps you gain all the nutrients you need to start your day. It also boosts your energy even if you’re not hungry, and it also creates structure for your day. So bite back the bullet and eat breakfast.

3. Map Out Your Day

Visualize and plan out your day. Creating post-it notes for every hour isn’t necessary, but at least have an idea of what you’re going to be doing. Having a plan trains your brain to organize and prioritize. What needs to be done today and where will that fit in your schedule? Try to stick to one or two tasks. Overloading your mind and schedule with tasks promotes anxiety and the sense of failure if unaccomplished.

4. Exercise

It’s not for everyone, but maintaining an exercise routine reaps so many rewards. It’s good for your body, mind and soul. Physical exercise should be done everyday, but that doesn’t mean you need to push yourself into an intensive, sweating buckets routine. Go for a brisk walk, a jog or do yoga exercises in your living room.

5. Read

Reading is a great way to exercise your brain for wonder and curiosity. The most successful minds are those who are continually questioning. Not matter what genre or form of reading you decide to take on, by engaging yourself in written form, you open your mind up to different avenues of thinking.

6. Self-Reflect or Meditate

Many established individuals also take the time to reflect on their day, week, month, year or life! Every day might not be a day for an epiphany, but dedicating time to think about yourself, what you’ve accomplished and what you still wish to accomplish is a productive way to measure your progress. On the flip-side, some people would rather meditate and think about nothing at all for self-reflection. Being at peace with your body and mind is also an effective, albeit counterintuitive, way to monitor your progress.

7. Prioritize Hobbies

Your dedication to your work is important, but so is dedication to yourself and happiness. Investing in an enjoyable hobby is an absolute must. By doing so, you allow yourself to be free of other pressures and responsibilities whilst keeping passion and dedication alive. You’re building for a healthier and happier mind, but also blocking it from vegetation and lethargy.

8. Be Present

One of the trickiest habits to adopt in this day and age is to be present — to live in the moment, so to speak. We are frighteningly caught up by our social media lives, or upcoming plans and events that we lose sight of the “here and now.” Stop comparing yourself to what other people are doing, stop living in anticipation, fear or doubt and simply embrace the present. If what you have right now is good, then run with it.

9. Give Back

Success is determined by how much you have gained or accomplished, but the best success is when you can give back. Once you’ve realized you have everything you could ever possibly need (and most likely more), than you’ll realize how important it is to pay it forward. You might be doing it already, but there can never be enough kindness and generosity in the world. Don’t do it for the sake of expecting a return, but do it for the sake of your own human potential. Connecting with others is a fundamental practice and business, and it’s a fundamental practice of our nature as well.

10. Maintain Momentum

And of course the most important habit to adopt is to maintain momentum. If you can’t keep up the momentum, you’re going to be struggling to float. Everyone has their own method or practice on how they handle small decisions, big goals and success, but if you find that something is working for you, then keep at it. Try to deconstruct your process and figure out what it is that motivates you. Maintain that momentum and strive for success.

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