7 Tips to Nail A Facebook Live Show

What benefits do you think your practice could gain from live video content? Would your audience find it helpful and educating to watch you “live” and answer questions the moment they arise? For most practices, the answer to this question should be quite simple – of course! This is the power behind apps like Periscope and Meerkat.

With live video streaming, your practice and business can spark engagement in real-time. But sometimes busy physicians and business owners don’t have the time to keep up-to-date with all the different social media apps. They need something that is straightforward, easily accessible and simple; which is where Facebook comes in.

For any Facebook user, live-streaming is just a tap away. Facebook Live is available on any iOS or Android Facebook app, and with so many people online, this is a huge opportunity for practices to expand their reach. They can have engaging conversations with their followers and make an instant connection.

If you’ve got the energy to jump in front of your camera and simply educate or make meaningful conversation with your followers, then we highly encourage you to get the ball rolling on this one. And if you’ve already done so, then here are 7 tips on how to nail your next Facebook Live show.

7 Tips to Nail Your Next Facebook Live:

  1. Announce Ahead of Time


Anytime that you plan on jumping onto Facebook Live, always make an announcement about it ahead of time. The platform does have an element of spontaneity, but to leverage this opportunity and use it to benefit your business, then you need to get as many viewers as possible.

There’s no need to make an announcement week(s) ahead (unless this is a continuing show), but a day beforehand or the day of would be good time to remind your followers when you’re going live. If you can, try to create an eye-catching graphic to accompany your announcement. Tell them where to tune-in, what time and write strong teasers about what you’ll be talking about (and what they don’t want to miss).

  1. Ensure You Have a Strong Wireless Connection

One of the most annoying things about live videos is when they lag or disconnect. Your viewers didn’t tune in to watch you cut out. Be prepared and ensure that you have a strong wireless internet connection before you go live.

  1. Tell Your Audience to Follow You


Sometimes people simply won’t do something because they haven’t been told to. Whenever you’re live, remind your viewers to follow your page so that they get instant notifications for future live shows. Not only that, but they’ll be updated whenever you post about a new blog article, promotion or campaign. Tell them the benefits of following you and you’ll reap the rewards.

  1. Give Shout-Outs

Your viewers will be liking, sharing and commenting while you’re live, so don’t forget to give them shout-outs as the broadcast is airing. You can answer a question, or just say “thanks!” to a specific person that might’ve left you a compliment. The viewers want to know that this is a conversation, and that you recognize that this is a two-way street. Simple shout-outs shows that you value your viewers’ time; after all, it’s because of them that you’re doing these Facebook live shows!

  1. Extend Your Broadcast Time

The longer you’re live, the more viewers you will have; they might not stay tuned for the whole show, but at least your reach is expanding. But by the same token, you don’t want to go too long either. You can stay live for a maximum of 90 minutes, but we recommend finding a sweet spot somewhere between 15-30 minutes. It really depends on your audience and what you’re discussing for the show. You want to give yourself enough time to be insightful and educating, but you don’t want to drag it on too long for people to get bored. Do a couple test runs, and see what works for you.

  1. Live Stream with a Purpose

If you want to retain a following that has an invested interest in your practice and business, then live stream with a purpose. Make their time worthwhile – do it to educate, to engage and to discuss. You don’t have to have a script ready, but have topics and key points in mind that you know you should cover. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience for discussion topics too. What do they really want to know about your work/field? If you can answer insightfully and intelligently on the spot, then you’ll also be boosting your expert status.

  1. Have Fun with it!

The beauty of a live show is that it can be silly and unpolished. No one is expecting you to be perfect during a live show, which is a part of its appeal. Although your viewers are turning to you with their questions, they still want to know that you are human – that you make silly errors and can be unscripted.

We would never discourage against doing a spontaneous Facebook Live show, but if you want to really use this platform to benefit your business then follow the previously mentioned tips!

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