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Google resources and marketing strategy

Google offers resources to help businesses gain insights into customer behavior. So it’s imperative you use them.

Digital marketing goes beyond just writing blogs and paid advertising. While that is important, there is more to it. The marketing strategy as a whole needs to be repeatedly reviewed, monitored, and evaluated.

That is the key to success, always knowing your numbers and evaluating at each step or turn.

Google has resources that can help navigate marketing strategy, and we are laying out those helpful resources here.

We know, as an entrepreneur, you have business struggles, small or medium or large business, we understand that every point of growth has some room for improvement. Whether you are struggling through a current economic crisis, or if you are shifting to managing things differently, or if you are changing the way things are done administratively; in all cases, there is always marketing to be done.

One thing remains certain…marketing never stops or should stop. This is the plain truth.

This is where resources that are being offered online come in handy. You can get the insights you need and adjust accordingly.

Key Recommendations Directly from Google

Google has done a great job of curating some key resources and making public their recommendations to ensure your marketing goals and website are continuously being optimized. It’s important to work with your marketing team on the following, according to Google.

  1. Monitor your Google Analytics – Continue to use analytics and reporting shortcuts to quickly review your metrics. Doing this will allow you to see any changes in your website users’ behaviors, respond to the changes, and modify your marketing accordingly. Note: if you do not do this regularly, you should be discussing it with a marketing agency that can help.
  2. Add An Optimized Google Banner – Google offers a service called “Optimize” that allows you to add a banner to your website. This allows your website visitors to stay informed of changes to your business. Changes can include hours, virtual consultations, opening updates, and so on.
  3. Be Aware of All Your Google Resources – free to access and use many of the resources come with your Google suite of services and are very helpful when working or conducting business remotely. See below for more information on Resource Hub.


The Google Resource Hub

Conveniently, Google has put together a collection of resources to help with adapting to these new times, especially during Covid-19. Some of these resources may or may not be some you are already familiar with, including things like Google Meet – an online conference tool that allows multiple users to “meet” virtually with or without video. There is also Google Air – a digital space that allows you to host online workshops or seminars.

The Resource Hub offers online digital skill training, as well as many more tips on how to utilize Google’s suite of services to your advantage.

To visit the Resource Hub, click here.


When To Contact External Marketing Help

We understand that for someone without a marketing background or busy with focusing on the things you do best, this may seem overwhelming. As such, we do have services to help manage your business online, including lead generation, SEO, and analytics, and optimizing your website and continuing to grow traffic.

We are experts in this field.

Besides, you want to focus on doing what you love. Therefore, the short answer is…as soon as possible.


We specializing in helping to grow practices and allow our clients to focus on the things they need to do in order to conduct their consultations and run a business directly.

Contact our team to set-up your consultation.



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