Online Reputation Management: Do I Need It?

online reputation management

Yes, there is no question about it, your online reputation matters, therefore, you need to have a reputation management strategy in place.

Truth be told, your online reputation can make or break your business.

If you think that’s an overstatement, think again. Reviews matter and everything is online now.

You want to not only appear in searches and be known in the community for offering these services, but you want to uphold a standard for being one that is repeatable, sought after, and provide a good experience.

The main reason: you should control the narrative around what customers say about your business. If it’s not positive, then you need to take corrective measures as needed. This shows that you care, which is what people ultimately want.


Why Is Online Reputation Important?

Online reputation is imperative for overall success because if the customer is finding you online, chances are they are also reading or looking up what past customers are saying about you.

Makes sense?

Even if you have the best services in town, if you have a negative reputation online, it’s unlikely that you will be able to get customers to convert online or give you a call or visit. (Note, by negative reputation it doesn’t mean one bad review, it means a general glance of multiple negative reviews outweighing positive ones).

According to Pew Research:

  • One in three American adults has gone online to figure out a medical condition.
  • 72 percent of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year.
  • 47 percent of Internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals before engaging with a health business.
  • A little more than half (53%) of 18- to 29-year-olds and 47% of 30- to 49-year-olds say they always or almost always read online reviews when buying something for the first time.
  • Around two-thirds (65%) of U.S. adults who say they always or almost always read online ratings and reviews believe that they are generally accurate
  • 41% of Americans feel that access to consumer reviews helps “a lot” with ensuring the safety of products and services


Knowing that most individuals are online to find businesses, it’s valid to say that customers are looking for some form of trust or a sense of reliability. With so many users searching for businesses online, be it a spa, a health clinic, or a plumber, you need to make sure that your brand is one that can be trusted.


Tips on Branding Your Reputation

Ensure that your website is well branded, provides information about yourself (the person, with a bio and picture), and looks professional. If advice is listed, ensure it is always accurate, up to date and correct. Ensure to link to publications, accolades, awards, and accomplishments. Show that you are an expert in your field and the work you have done.

The idea behind this is to allow your potential customer to get to know you.

Build your reputation.

Ensure you have testimonials directly on your website, positive ones. Whenever you have a happy patient, ask for a testimonial (whether video or written) and add them to your website. If you have your Google My Business set-up, ask for a google review as well. Build up the good reviews as often as possible.


How Do I Manage My Online Reputation?

If you have a less than reputable image online (such as some mixed reviews, negative comments on social media, etc.), it would be wise to get professional help in your marketing to ensure that your online image is restored and rebranded.

With ourselves and our clients, we use online reputation management tools to monitor and review what customers are saying. We help our clients automate their review process, get more referrals, and leverage positive feedback and testimonials. It makes reputation management simple, doable, and easily actionable.

What are you waiting for? The time to get started is now.

To learn about how we can help you, contact us today. 

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