If You Aren’t Online Marketing, What Are You Waiting For?

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If you’re not making use of online marketing, at all times, you’re destined for failure. Period.

You are on our blog, so we don’t have to tell you that the number one way people find business, including medical practices, is doing online searches. Be that is it may, there are still often times where business owners postpone their plans for a sound online marketing plan or strategy.

We hear it very often… the reasons to delay online marketing or to halt it.

“I will start doing it when business picks up.”

“The clinic is slow, so I must halt marketing plans and campaigns.”

“I will market when we start seeing revenue regularly.”

Sorry to tell you, that is never a good idea.

Why Is Online Marketing Important?

Without consistent and strategic marketing, it will be hard to thrive and exceed and reach any goal of success. Furthermore, marketing works similarly to your work ethic…from the second you start, the ball starts rolling and takes time. If you stop working (or marketing), how will that impact your business growth? Like most things, it takes time to see it flourish.

Furthermore, how will it get you ahead of competitors?

This is the thinking that should come with online marketing. It’s imperative to grow your online presence and keep it there.

What is Involved In Online Marketing?

Take some time to construct a clear, detailed strategy for promoting your products or services to your ideal prospects. Write it down and don’t be afraid to revise your plan as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Testing and tracking campaigns are key to winning online business.

When we ask our clients about online marketing, most of the time, business owners say, “Oh, I have a website, and I post on Facebook once or twice a week.” Sadly, a website or a couple of social media posts isn’t good enough to create substantial results. You need to actively promote it, or else you’ll never get enough traffic to your site.

This involves creating content, promoting that content, and even consider paid promotions of that content.

How Do I Actively Promote My Business Online Using Social Media?

You need to create a cohesive online presence that works for your particular niche.

Get your “social focus” going:

  • Promote your business on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and/or other relevant social media sites.
    You may find one or more of these social channels more useful than the rest (or even decide that some are not the ideal tool for connecting to your audience).
  • Identify the ones best suited for your products and services. Part of your social focus is finding out where your target market is. If you’re a business-to-business company, then you should be on LinkedIn or similar sites and use most of your social media marketing time there.
  • Once you know where your customers are hanging out, research what approaches from the competition work and what don’t. Dive deep into the competitor research and figure it out.
  • Be sincere. Sometimes, business accounts on Facebook appear to be insincere or “trying too hard,” which compromises trust and effective branding or the messages and captions are too “salesy.” Learn how to connect with social media users without overstepping the bounds and nurture all comments, messages, and follows as you are building a new relationship.

What Else Is Important in Online Presence?

Keeping your local listings updated is very important. This is part of your reputation online. Make sure your business name, category, address, phone, images, and other details are correctly listed in places where people may be searching for your products or services. YellowPages, Google Maps, Yahoo!, Yelp, and other directories are just some of the places where your customers are hanging out.

It’s imperative to gather reviews from patients or clients. You can also get great reviews from your customers posted on those directory sites, which increases your credibility and also helps with your search rankings.

An easy way to build reviews is, after a service, every single time, prompt for a review. This can be in person, a follow-up email or text, provide your patient with a link to review your services immediately after.


Being visible online is the way of the world and an important indicator of success. How people find you online will ultimately dictate how you should create your marketing strategy.

Don’t wait another moment, ensure that your online marketing strategy is created and well underway. Ask the experts, us, to help you get your business marketed effectively. 


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